The Ditto Family

We joined the Trinity family eight years ago, after moving from Arlington, Texas.   My husband and I are firm believers that children absorb the most information while they are young and our goal was to find a school that recognized this time frame. After touring several schools in the area, we scheduled a visit with Trinity and we immediately felt at home.


We were overwhelmed by the sense of family and the level of curriculum starting with the two-year old class.  Trinity continues to challenge their students as they prepare for college and help guide each student through the admission process. As a mom, the thing that gave me the most comfort was feeling like everyday I was dropping my son off with family.  He is always surrounded by people that love and care for him as much as we do.  


When we were blessed with our daughter several years later, there was never a question about where she would attend school.  Again, she was welcomed with open arms and is already thriving in her new environment. Everyday our children are excited to go to school and come home with a smile on their faces.  


We look forward to what the future holds and feel so blessed to call Trinity home.