Bridgette Hewitt Ponder Scholarship

All 8th graders are invited to participate in the inaugural mathematics competition at Trinity School of Texas. The Trinity TriFACTa Tournament is a chance for students to compete individually against students from other schools in the local area. The competition is open to all students currently enrolled in 8th grade. Each participant will compete in a general knowledge math exam called, Survivor. The top three finalists will then compete in a live question-and-answer, buzz in, contest called The TriFACTa Bowl. At the end of the competition, awards will be presented to individuals for their performance.



The Bridgette Lee Hewitt Ponder Scholarship for Math and Science at Trinity School of Texas was established in 2012 to attract students who demonstrate both excellence and promise in the fields of math and hard sciences, noting that such recipients would be selected using the following criteria:

  • Student(s) will be entering 9th- 12th grades and may be current or new students to TST, although attracting new students serves as the main objective.
  • Student(s) will have evidence of excellent performance in the fields of math and hard sciences through multiple examinations including, but not limited to standardized assessments and/or examinations written and evaluated by Bridgette Hewitt Ponder.
  • Student(s) will offer convincing academic promise through both a written statement detailing their goals in the fields of math and science and discussion with selection committee.
  • Student(s) will match well with the stated mission of the school.
  • Stipulating that all school policies regarding non-discrimination will be in effect; specifically that Trinity School of Texas will administer this award selection without regard as to gender, race, religion, ethnic or national origin.
  • Agreeing mutually that, while the primary goal of the scholarship is to infuse TST with new and high-aptitude students in math and hard sciences, consideration may be given to an excellent student who attends TST and has such an adverse change in economic circumstances that his/her continuation at TST would be otherwise impossible.
  • Once the recipient(s) is identified, the goal is to offer the award annually for the student through a Trinity School of Texas graduation, as long as strong academic effort and exemplary behavior are maintained.

Recipient(s) must complete all admission requirements set forth by Trinity School of Texas

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For information on how to apply and any general questions, please contact:

Director of Admissions, Cissy Abernathy 903-753-0612 x236  cabernathy@trinityschooloftexas.com