What is PSIA?

psialogotransPSIA stands for Private Schools Interscholastic Association and is for first through eighth grade students.It is the equivalent of academic competitions like TAPPS in Upper School or UIL competitions in public schools.


Statistical research has shown that students who participate in academic extracurricular activities score higher on achievement and assessment tests than those who do not participate in such academic programs. We have also found that participants whose parents are actively involved in working with their children in extracurricular academic programs have the greatest success in competition, as well as in their future academic studies.

Which Contests Will TST Lower And Middle Schools Participate?

Creative Writing 1/2 Maps, Graphs & Charts 4-8 Mathematics 2-8 Calculator Applications 6-8
Music Memory 3-8 Number Sense 4-8 On-Site Drawing 6-8 Impromptu Speaking 7/8
Poetry Interpretation 4-8 Ready Writing 3-8 Science 6-8 Listening Skills 4-8
Spelling 2-8 Storytelling 1-3 Vocabulary 5-8 Information Skills 5-8
Art Memory 4-8 Dictionary Skills 4-7 Modern Oratory 7/8  

How Many Students On A Team?

Each contest is divided by grade level, with some combined grade levels depending on the contest. Each team is comprised of three students and one alternate student.

When Are The Competitions?

2022-2023 District Competition is March 24, 2023 at Green Acres Baptist Church in Tyler. If we have students advance to state, it will take place May 6, 2023. Travel instructions will be provided as dates get closer.


We always need parents, grandparents, teachers, or friends of the school to help make this program work! Here are some ways you can help:

Coach an Event: Inspire students to go the extra degree by spending thirty minutes to an hour a week practicing the procedures of the contest and going over the material on which they will be tested.

Grade Objective and Subjective Contests’ tests: All contests’ tests need knowledgeable people to score the competitors’ answers. We have objective tests if ABCD and 123 are your thing. Have a specific expertise, such as an English or Music degree? We can use your help too to grade our subjective tests.

Oversee or Escort students to their competitions: Last year many of our volunteers had children participating in the contests as well. We could definitely use you if you’d rather monitor students instead of test materials.

Carpool students to District Meet or State Meet: Have a large vehicle that can hold many people? Carpool students to and from meets, with parent permission of course! Before you do so, also make sure the Main Office has a copy of your current driver license and auto insurance on file!

PSIA Cheerleaders: Our students and coaches could always use a pat on the back for their extra effort. Please acknowledge these individuals in any way you see fit!