The Trinity Advantage Fund

Let’s work together this Fall to give our children the ultimate “ADVANTAGE.” We are asking that 100% of TST Faculty & Staff, Parents, Board Members, and Alumni,  give to this vital fund. The Trinity Advantage Fund is our TOP school priority and every gift matters!

Gifts to this fund close the gap between tuition and the actual cost of a Trinity education. The Trinity Advantage Fund (TAF) helps the school live up to its commitment to providing the VERY best education for your children and goes above and beyond the opportunities offered by the operational budget to continually enhance the TST educational experience.


Tuition alone cannot fund both the entire cost of a Trinity education and additional enhancements as is the case with most independent schools. Tuition only covers 85% of our school’s annual operating budget, so TST relies on gifts to The Trinity Advantage Fund to raise the additional revenue needed to sustain the schools commitment to providing each student with the highest quality education possible.


The Trinity School of Texas Advantage Fund serves to build and sustain the Trinity Advantage: faith based mission, character development, excellent academics, faculty and staff professional development, smaller class sizes, safe and nurturing environment, strong athletics, vibrant visual and performing arts and more.