Our First Steps

Ages 2 years - 4 years


TST’s Early Childhood Program – 2 years old through Pre-K – provides a wide range of educational experiences to enhance the individual child’s growth and deveopment – mind, body, and spirit. During these formative pre-school years, the children discover the joy of learning through a balance of active learning, creative play, and diverse enrichments.

Curriculum Includes

  • Language Development
  • Mathematics
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • Art & Music
  • Library Skills
  • Gross Motor Skills & Physical
  • Education
  • Play-based daily centers

Spiritual Development

Early Childhood and Lower School students experience chapel life multiple times each week. They attend formal chapel services on Wednesday with the entire student body. Friday chapel involves the study of a monthly biblical theme, manner, and a memory verse. Chapel buddies, birthday blessings, and a monthly good character acknowledgements embody each Friday morning. Devotionals and song-time are present in the classroom daily.

Campus Visitor Policy

When you come to campus for a more extended period of time than a simple pickup or drop off, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Report first to the Main Office in the Upper School building, from the Teague St entrance.
  2. Sign in on the Visitor Sheet.
  3. Obtain a Visitor’s Badge from the receptionist.
  4. Please wear this badge at all times, while on campus.
  5. When ready to leave campus, please return the badge to the Main Office and sign out.
  6. Last, but not least, don’t be upset with the person who refers you to Step 1!

Student Pickup Policy

When you come to campus to pickup your child from a classroom for an appointment, or any other reason outside of normal dismissal times, please follow the procedure below:

  1. Report first to the Main Office in the Upper School building and sign the child out.
  2. Obtain a “Release Slip” from the receptionist.
  3. Take the “Release Slip” to the classroom teacher who will retain the slip for the school records.
  4. If a staff member stops you to say visitors need a visitors badge, please show him or her the “Release Slip” so he or she knows you are only going to be there long enough to pickup your student.

NOTE: Most Middle and Upper School students are escorted from the classroom the Main Office by staff members when parents arrive. A “Release Slip” is not issued in this situation. A “Release Slip” is only issued to a parent, or the person picking up the child, when the parent/person is picking up the child directly from the classroom so the teacher knows this release is approved.