Who is Your Community?

One of the first events I experienced during the outbreak of Covid-19 and quarantine was my birthday. I am one of those people who would rather spend birthdays busy at school with friends and students than at home waking up late in an empty house. Thankfully, even though I was quarantined, my husband and children were home to celebrate. What I did not know that day was my “community” was gathering for a birthday parade. This was early on in the epidemic and I had never seen or heard of a birthday parade. When cars filled with my closest friends  started driving up my driveway and around the circle drive in what seemed like a never ending caravan,  I was overwhelmed with emotions. Tears were filling my eyes as I was waving at my friends and their kids who were honking and waving vigorously. This was my community! They were celebrating my birthday with me remotely. I felt so supported and loved by my community at that moment, and looked forward to joining a birthday parade to support someone else.

My experience leads me to ask, who is your community? During quarantine, who do you connect with regularly? And furthermore, who do your children connect with? Parents have transitioned instantaneously from connecting with others at work, church, children’s sporting events, volunteering, date nights, etc. to spending days at home with their immediate family often simultaneously working and teaching children. Similarly, children have ceased school, playdates, dance and music classes, sports practices, and most things that made up their daily routines. A community to work, play, laugh, and even cry  with is as important right now as it  ever was, and perhaps more.

Since quarantine, connections are being made through screen-time, the very thing we used to try to limit, especially for children. Adults and children are now encouraged to connect  with others online  through Google Meet, Zoom, and social media. Is your child connecting with friends, classmates, coaches, and teachers? If your child needs a supportive community, I invite you to grab your screen and spend a little time getting to know Trinity School of Texas. We are not currently spending time together  in the classroom, lunchroom, athletic field, or STEAM lab but we are connecting! Trinity is committed to keeping its community engaged. We know our students need to see their teachers’ faces and hear their voices. TST’s faculty is providing weekly lessons and resources through the Trinity online platform as well as joining students through Google Meets and videos. We invite others to view our weekly chapel services and storytime with our librarian, Mrs. King, on social media. We are connecting and continually evolving during quarantine to best support our students and their families, and we are still connecting with those who would like to get to know us better.
If you are interested in learning more about the Trinity community, please connect with us by following this link https://trinityschooloftexas.myschoolapp.com/app/embed#inquiry/43415 to complete an inquiry form or send me an email at cabernathy@trinityschooloftexas.com. I would be happy  to answer any questions you have about Trinity and the application process. It is truly an amazing time to be at TST to see all of the connections being made. Trinity is equipped and prepared to meet the needs of students and offer the best education in East Texas, in and out of the classroom. We hope to be back on campus soon. When we are, we invite you to campus to join our community!

Cissy Abernathy                                                                                                                                Director of Admission