View the Story – Anna Gage

Why do you choose to work at TST?

Trinity is a tight knit community and the people always look out for each other. I also enjoy the fact that they see the importance of art education.


What do students receive at TST that they won’t get anywhere else?

Growth in relationships. They have the opportunity for one-on-one with their teachers as well as their peers.


What do you love most about Trinity?

The staff at Trinity. I like that we can all learn from one another. I know since I have become a teacher, I have learned so much from Ms. Leann and from Mrs. Jagers. They have helped me grow in more ways than one.


What do you love most about teaching your students?

When they have the “Ah-hah” moment. They can tell me they fully understand.


What do you love most about your job?

When my littles tackle me to the ground and chase me. 


What is something readers might not know about you?

I would like to learn how to weld. There is something so satisfying about taking old metal and creating something new with it. I think if I have lived in the Middle Ages, I would’ve wanted to be a metal smith.



Anna Gage

I am a teacher by day and an artist by night. I like to view the world in a unique and beautiful way, just the way I teach the kids to view the world. Children have always been dear to my heart and if they can take anything away from what I teach them is that it is important to love themselves. “I like Me.”- Laura Pelaia