One At A Time

One of my favorite things about Trinity School of Texas is Friday morning chapel. Straight out of the gate the Early Childhood and Lower School students gather at Trinity Episcopal Church for chapel. It makes for a great start to the day for both teachers and students alike. Watching as heads are bowed and eyes are closed in prayer hearing little voices lifted in prayer to The Father, my heart is full.

Then there are the amazing praise songs that keep all of us at the top level of physical fitness. Our lessons tie in a character trait with someone we can read about tucked deep within the pages of The Bible. It’s amazing how many average Joe’s God chose to use! We are learning that if God chooses to use those guys and gals, than he can surely use us. Actually, he actually WANTS to use us, to use you.

How quickly we forget God’s great love for us and his unending pursuit of our hearts. I learned very early in life that serving Jesus is fun and exciting, that there is nothing boring about Him. I learned that his Word is alive and active and relevant for today not just a bunch of old fairy tales of days gone by. Because those things are true, our desire is to pass on the power of God’s Word and his love to our students every chance we get. How do we do that? This year it’s one Avenger at a time, one giggle at a time, one scripture at a time, one story at a time, one student at a time.

Stephanie Ayala
Early Childhood and Lower School Chapel Leader

One At A Time