College Success and Readiness

One of the things that we strive for at TST is to ensure that our students are ready for the challenges of college. A major component of this aim is to simulate and emulate the college environment. The primary method for this is our college preparatory curriculum. TST endeavors to have its students be ready for college and to thrive in the collegiate environment. A recent study, “Supporting Students’ College Success: The Role of Assessment and Interpersonal Competencies”, pinpointed three competencies that are most linked to college success.

The first competency is a sense of belonging. Specifically, this means that environment is important. Students must be comfortable in their environment. One of the paramount considerations in choosing a college should be the environment. Some of the factors to consider are geography, size of the university, social opportunities, and academic fit. TST works very hard to create an environment of belonging. We try to create a safe environment in which our students can learn and grow. It is imperative that students find the right fit in choosing a college so that they can continue to learn and grow.

The second competency is a growth mindset. This idea encapsulates the notion that a student’s intelligence can improve. Students must have confidence in themselves that they can handle the academic component of college. TST tries to develop a growth mindset in our students by building up their academic acumen. This is primarily achieved through the academically challenging course load coupled with individualized instruction from our faculty. Our faculty strives to ensure that all of our students reach a level of understanding that allows students to be successful after they graduate.

The third competency is having personal goals and values. Students who have strong personal goals and values generally have higher grades. In addition to having strong goals, the student must formulate a plan and put in the requisite work to achieve those goals.  If students can link what they are doing in the classroom to a crystallized future path, then those students tend to have higher grades. TST emphasizes the real-world applications to the academic concepts that students are learning in the classroom.

The same factors for college success are also integral to TST success. In point of fact, TST has been promoting these factors throughout its history. This is the primary reason that TST students have historically thrived in college and went on to be successful adults. When determining which colleges to attend, students should make sure to consider finding an environment that is comfortable, that allows for growth, and that is directly associated with their career path.

Ranjit Kodali
Director of College Advising