Coronavirus Updates


June 5, 2020
Dear TST Parents,
As the coronavirus pandemic unfolds, you may have some anxiety about what school will be like in August. Our hope is that school will reopen looking as much like normal as it can. We are planning for a traditional instructional setting, following whatever safety guidelines that schools may be required to observe. Safety of students and staff is a paramount concern for us. We know you all yearn for a return to normality, and we do, too.
We are also planning for a school day allowing for physical distancing. We have a schedule in place for this that would enable all of our students in Early Childhood, Lower School, and Middle School to be here every day. Upper School students would attend classes on campus every other day, and their classes will be live-streamed on the days they work from home. We, nor any other school we are aware of, has the amount of classroom and meeting space available to allow all students to be face-to-face with their teachers if physical distance, as currently understood, is required. However, we believe our ability to operate under this scenario is much better than other schools would be able to do. This arrangement would have those students most in need of daily contact with their teachers here five days a week.
We are also planning for the possibility of interruptions during the next school year due to mandates from the governor’s office in response to localized spikes in the rate of infections due to the coronavirus. While we pray this is not necessary, we are preparing our teachers for this possibility and working hard to improve our ability to deliver remote instruction.
We know you all are aware that all of this is subject to change, but we want you to have information available as you make plans for your children’s education during this unsettling time. We believe, and we think you will agree, TST is still the best place for a child to be educated, in trying times, and in the best of times.
Gary Whitwell and Mellissa McCreary

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