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The iPad program is an important part of the daily life for all Middle School students at Trinity School of Texas. This page will provide topics to support parents managing the iPad at home. If you have questions about the iPad program please contact Leah Murray by email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by using the chat option at the bottom of the screen.

Responsible Use Guidelines for Wifi

iPad Handbook

iPad FAQs

What will this cost me?

A $160 a year technology fee will be charged to each student which will enable use of the device for the school year. Fees for required apps and educational materials will be assessed separetly.

What grade levels are included in the One to One Digital Learning program?

Grades 6th-8th are the only grades currently that recieve a school issued iPad. Early Childhood and Lower School are provided with chromebooks and ipad carts for use in the classroom. Upper School students are allowed to bring their own device.

What steps need to be completed for my child to receive his/her iPad?

  1. Parents attendance of an orientation session during which parents will review the 1:1 Digital Learning Program Policies and iPad Handbook and the Technologoy AUP (acceptible use policy.
  2. Parent completion and return of the documents discussed in step 1.

Is it required or can we opt out of the iPad program?

It is not required to use the school iPad, however it is still required to use a device and it will be the parents responsiblity for separately purchasing, installing, and maintaining all required apps and educational materials and using their iPad in a manner consistent with the Acceptable Use Policy. Contact Leah Murray for required textbooks and apps.

How is the school ensuring that students will not be accessing inappropriate Websites at school and home?

All student iPads at school will have to go through the district web filter when accessing the Internet. Students have signed an acceptable use policy that will put responsibility on them to make good choices when accessing the Internet. Teachers will be managing and monitoring their classes, but ultimately it is the student’s responsibility to ensure that they are using the Internet in a safe and appropriate way at school.

iPads that go home will still connect through the district filter. Parents who have concerns about monitoring use can use strategies like only having the iPad out when in a public space at home and not letting students go in a room alone on the iPad. Students should be allowed some free time at home, if possible, to use some of the creative apps on the iPad. This will allow them to have a greater knowledge of how to use the app at school and will provide them with some additional experience in mastering certain forms of creative expression.

Will students be able to download apps?

No, students will not be able to download apps. The App Store will not be available for students on their iPads. All school-required apps will be downloaded to the device by the technology department.

Are the iPads insured and if so what does it cover?

Apple Care Warranty is built into each iPad, but includes a $53.04 deductible to cover iPad repair or replacement in the event of accidental damage.  This plan will include two repairs; additional replacements will cost the student/parent the full value of an iPad (approx. $500). Students/Parents are responsible for replacement cost of any lost or suspected stolen iPads.  If a student has lost or suspects the iPad has been stolen, the student will immediately file a Lost or Suspected Stolen Report with the Main Office.

Can a parent/guardian arrange for repair of a device on their own?

No. Any repair or maintenance needed on a device must be done through the techology department.

In cases where my child's iPad malfunctions, will my child still have access to a device?

Yes. A device will be on loan to the student if their iPad has been collected for repair due to malfunction.

If I have a question, concern, or technical issue with my child's iPad, who should I contact?

The classroom teacher is the first level of contact in these circumstances. If the situation requires additional support, the teacher will contact the technology department.




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