Continuous Enrollment

What is Re-Enrollment?
Re-enrollment is an annual event where we spend a week in February enrolling our current TST students for the following school year. We update records and get a sense of who will be returning for the next school year so that TST can plan ahead for hiring teachers, creating class schedules, etc.

Why Does Re-Enrollment Matter?
TST has to prepare early for the following school year. It is necessary to know who has signed a contract and will be returning to TST in order to plan for staffing, curriculum, and materials to ensure the highest quality education for our students.

I feel like I complete the same forms year after year. Why is this necessary when I plan for my kids to remain at TST through graduation?
Up until this point, re-enrollment has been necessary so that TST can annually ask every family, “Are you coming back?” It seems that we have been forcing everyone to go through this process each year for the sake of the small amount of families who leave the TST family for one reason or another.
This year, we are moving in a new direction! We are offering for the first time Continuous Enrollment. By signing a Continuous Enrollment agreement, you will never have to sign another contract as long as you are at TST.

After this year, what will Continuous Enrollment look like?
This year, our families will complete the Continuous Enrollment Agreement so that in the future during the January to March enrollment season they will receive communication reminding them that if they are moving or leaving TST for any reason they must notify the school by the end of March in order to release them from their contract. So, the majority of TST families will have the convenience of doing absolutely nothing to ensure that their child is enrolled for the next school year.

What’s the penalty if I break this Continuous Enrollment Agreement or contract?
The same as it was in the past. The contract may be cancelled in writing up until June 1st with no obligation for tuition. After June 1, obligations for a percentage of tuition are as follows: withdrawals during June, 10% of tuition is due; withdrawals during July, 20% of tuition is due; withdrawals during August, 30% of tuition is due; withdrawal after school starts, 100% tuition is due.

But what about unique situations such as moving or other educational circumstances?
As always, we will remain flexible. Unique circumstances such as if a family is moving out of the Longview area, if TST can no longer meet your child’s educational needs, if TST asks a family to leave, or some other unforeseen situation that our Board of Directors approves, are situations that would discontinue the continuous enrollment agreement.

 What will the Continuous Enrollment Agreement look like?
The contract itself will be very similar to past years with the exception of the wording that explains Continuous Enrollment and that the parent understands they are “entering a continuous enrollment agreement” which means the following:
“…that my student will return to Trinity every year unless I tell the school otherwise. I understand that I have until the end of March every year to notify the Trinity School of Texas Admission Office of any changes in my plans of enrollment for my student. The NON-REFUNDABLE ANNUAL ENROLLMENT REGISTRATION FEE OF $250 must accompany this agreement. For each subsequent year, the annual enrollment registration fee will be billed on my tuition account in January for payment in February.
Please note that the registration fee will be discounted to $150 if it is paid in February. It will revert to $250 at March 1 if it remains unpaid.
CANCELLATION CLAUSE: Enrollment may be cancelled by the undersigned in writing prior to June 1 of each year. If cancelled by that time, the enrollee’s obligation for tuition will not begin. After June 1, any enrollee who has not withdrawn their enrollment shall be obligated for tuition for the year in accordance with the following: Withdrawal during June, 10% of tuition is due; withdrawal during July, 20% of tuition is due; withdrawal during August, 30% of tuition is due; withdrawal after school starts, 100% of tuition is due.

When will this new Continuous Enrollment take place?
Continuous Enrollment will begin the week of February 6-10 when you come to the school to re-enroll your child for the very last time. We look forward to providing the Continuous Enrollment Agreement to our parents and making this process much more convenient!

What do I get out of this?
Guaranteed placement. With enrollment at or near waitlists in several grades, placement in next year’s class is important. By signing a Continuous Enrollment Agreement, your child will be guaranteed a place in his or her class until graduation.

Ok, great! How do I sign up for Continuous Enrollment?
When you sign your Continuous Enrollment Agreement the week of February 6-10, 2017 your child will be enrolled at TST throughout graduation. There will never be a need to sign another enrollment contract. But…we sure hope you will come visit us occasionally in the office anyway!

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