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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is leading the search process and who is on the search committee?

The Board of Trustees is responsible for selecting and hiring Trinity's next Head of School.  The Board President, Clay Abernathy will lead a Head of School Search Committee, with Father Bill Carroll, Cherry Sikes, Rachel Schultz, and Lainey Stevens.  This committee will ultimately provide one final recommendation to the Board based on their interviews, parent and student feedback, and other considerations.  The Head of School Search Committee will be asking select students, parents, faculty, and staff to be involved in interview focus groups to allow potential candidates to get to know the Trinity community, and for the Trinity community to provide feedback to the Head of School Search Committee.  If you are interested in being involved in this process, please email TSTHeadSearch@gmail.com.

Will the Head of School search impact me as a parent or my student at Trinity School of Texas?

The Board's Head of School Search Committee will make all attempts to ensure a seamless interview process and make as few disruptions during the normal school hours as possible.  It is important for potential candidates to understand what a typical school day looks like for Trinity School of Texas.  On occasion, spaces on campus may be utilized during the school day to conduct tours or interviews.  Minimal disruption is anticipated and the current faculty and staff are committed to providing the highest academic experience for students during the entirety of our Head of School search and beyond.

Will parents be updated on the Head of School search process?

The Board's Head of School Search Committee plans to update the Head Search tab on the Trinity School of Texas website as updates occur.  After the job posting ends on 11/18/22, we plan to give weekly updates describing progress with the search.

What is the timeline of the Head of School search process?

The ultimate goal for Trinity is to have a new Head of School beginning their position on July 1, 2023.  All initial interviews are planned to take place between late November 2022 and the end of February 2023.  Trinity campus visits for semi finalists are anticipated to take place in March 2023.  A new Head of School is planned to be announced by May 2023.


January 6, 2023 – TST Head Search Committee is excited to announce a highly-qualified Head of School finalist. Click Here to read the announcement.  


December 1, 2022 – We have received applications and plan to conduct initial, in-person interviews in the month of December. We are excited and looking forward to providing additional updates in January.



Announcement: September 16, 2022


TST invites nominations and applications for its next Head of School, effective July 1, 2023.

Application Deadline 

November 18, 2022

Submission of interest/resumes 


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HOS Selection Committee

Clay Abernathy – Chair

Board of Trustees President

TST Alum and Current Parent


Father Bill Carroll

Board of Trustees Chairman


Cherry Sikes

Board of Trustees Chair


Rachel Schultz

Board of Trustees Chair

Current Parent


Lainey Stevens

Board of Trustees Chair

Alumni Parent


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