It's like a symphony
Just keep listening
And pretty soon you'll start
To figure out your part
Everyone plays a piece
And there are melodies
In each one of us
Oohhh it's glorious

(lyrics from the song- Glorious) Family Day 2016


Here in Kindergarten this month we are learning ALL ABOUT ME! But don’t let that phrase fool you, while we celebrate our individuality and encourage students to embrace each other’s differences, we are also reminding our little friends “It’s not always about just you” to help draw attention to or discovery of important virtues such as kindness, selflessness and respect for others...

Meet The Students

Meet The Students
Half the time I wouldn’t know what they wrote until I got back to my office. It’s week two and I have now interviewed 13 students and there is simply no doubt about it, they LOVE TST!

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